Palermo Italy

 38° 7′ 55 N, 13° 20′ 8 E



  • “Milazzo” white grappa
  • “Florio” fine marsala
  • fresh watermelon juice
  • fresh lemon juice
  • homemade basil syrup

Glass: handmade ceramic vase resembling a Moor’s head
Garnish: fresh basil leaves

About the drink

The drink is inspired by the legend behind the most classic of Sicilian art crafts: ceramic Moor’s head.
The story narrates of an ancient, prohibited love between a Sicilian beautiful woman and a Moor prince, which seduces her at the time when the Moors’ army conquered Palermo. Soon after, she finds out her lover is already married back home, and takes her macabre revenge: chopping off his head and use it as a vase to plant basil.
As we enormously prefer watermelon over blood, we decided to go cruelty-free on this one.
Try this at your own risk!