Love Alpine

Champoluc Italy

45° 50′ 00 N / 7° 44′ 00 E


  • “Génépi” artemisia distillate
  • wild blueberry homemade shrub
  • egg whites
  • coffee powder

Glass: traditional friendship cup
Garnish: wild blueberry marmalade, wild flowers

About the drink

Going camping, hosting a party or planning to cook a romantic dinner for your loved one?
This drink will make your night.
In the true alpine tradition, the coupe de l’amitié (friendship cup), reminds us of the importance to create true connections, share experiences, food and laughs with others.
Not buying it yet? Imagine the warm and cozy feeling of being around the fireplace when outside is cold and snowy.

Turn off your phone, take a sip, relax, live.
And you know what the best part is?
If you screw up making it, everyone will be too happy (or too drunk!) to notice.