A little cute city in Tuscany, for us it represents the starting point of a journey through center Italy that will take us to Rome in a few weeks. Not a few hours, as normal by car, bus or train.
A few weeks, as we are WALKING there!
Some may not even know where Lucca or Rome are (and that’s what we are here for!), some of the other folks (most!) may think we are out of our minds, some that this is awesome (please let your voice heard bros and sis!) and some that we are just too boring as so many people have done it before us (that’s true, but if you think that’s boring you probably have not done it yourself).
We just really felt that before travelling the world we needed to explore our beautiful country with a fresh perspective. We needed to slow down, to immerse ourselves in nature, to appreciate the small things in life, to let the control and schedules go and to rediscover humanity. Basically, to be more close to ourselves in a context that oftentimes has driven us away from all of this.
The only good way for us to do it was stepping out of our comfort zone, and to leave comfort behind us.
We stayed in Lucca 1 day, that we used to walk around the pleasant historical center where we ended up by chance(?) in a conference on personal transformation and life journeys, with big names of Italian television and writers sharing their stories and experiences.
Most of all, we used the time in Lucca to get into the mood and new routines of the following days (and of these days as we write): going to bed on time and getting up early, sleeping in hostels/church-owned accommodation, being short on cash, make casual encounters, let things happen.
As we changed our travel habits, the whole city unveiled a very different side to us.
Farewell hotel rooms, restaurant dinners, nightlife, cars, welcome freedom.