Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first milestone of our Way to Rome through Tuscany and Lazio: Siena!
We get here after 5 days of walking, sweating, blistering, laughing and fighting (you may think such an experience brings us closer, and it does, but it also makes you fall apart from time to time). Also, we get here with a whole group of new friends, with whom we’re ready to explore the city and celebrate our first 130 km with a well-deserved glass of wine, a tasty dinner and – why not – some healthy partying.
But fate has a different plan for us and we actually end up eating a leftover dinner at a soup kitchen and rushing drinking a glass of wine in Piazza del Palio as we have a curfew at 10 p.m.
Yeah, it is as fun as it gets… But as we’re in this together with strangers that we now call friends, this bittersweet experience becomes so memorable that we will cherish it forever.
This is the fun part of being a traveller on a journey rather than a tourist on vacation: instead of boringly recall a tasty Fiorentina steak, the sumptuous wine or the lively nightlife, we will go like “Remember the time in Siena we ate the leftovers at a soup kitchen, we had a curfew so early we couldn’t finish our drink and there were fleas in our bed?”
Not suitable as a bedtime story for kids.