After almost 400 km of walking through vineyards, olive trees, woods, fields, dirt roads, small villages, ancient cities and 15 days of joy, sweat, pain, smiles and tears we are finally in Rome!!
Never have we ever felt this excited about being in Rome, maybe because never has being in this charming city represented a goal for itself. For some reasons we always need a purpose in order to do things: studying, work, vacation, visiting friends.
In this case, the journey was a goal for itself, and getting to Rome adds just another piece of the puzzle of life lived in the last two weeks.
It’s crazy how Lucca seems so far away, while we could get there in a few hours drive right now. Maybe the distance we feel is in our mindsets and our perception of time and space now and then.
This journey has been awesome in that it unveiled the extraordinary beauty of the ordinary things in life.
It also made us realize how much our lives are influenced by our own perception of the reality surrounding us. Two very different people living in the same place can have very different life experiences. On the other hand, two people with very diverse backgrounds and beliefs can be brought together by shared experiences.
It really is up to us to define our boundaries: what person we want to be, which values to embrace and which attitudes to discard, where to live, etc.
Now we are taking few days for family time in this wonder of a city which is Rome, we are recharging our bodies and getting ready for new adventures with a renewed sense of gratitude for every choice that has led us here!