Roma Italy

 41° 54′ 10 N, 12° 29′47 E


  • Homemade vermouth aged in amphora
  • Laurel syrup made with sulphurous water
  • Olive leaves macerated in water with citric acid
  • Laurel mousse

Glass: Martini coup
Garnish: Laurel leaves

About the drink

Ave Cesare, LeGar is in town and as a homage to your majestic empire we are bringing ancient Rome to our days! The star of this drink is laurel, a common aromatic herb that ancient Romans weaved into crowns and wore to celebrate their victories (funny fact of the day: nowadays laurel crowns are used by college students on their graduation day in Italy!).

It is common knowledge (Asterix thanks) that when not busy conquering the world, Romans were pretty much into banquets, libations and thermal baths. Most likely the “work hard, play hard” motto is a modern version of their lifestyle, as incredibly organized as lush.

Now, that’s a civilization that we are proud to be descended from! 🙂