Buyrun Buyrun Buyrun

Istanbul Turkey

 41° 0′ 49 N, 28° 56′ 58 E


  • Yeni raki
  • Rose sherbet
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Fresh lemon juice

Glass: Low tumbler
Garnish: pomegrante seeds, dry rose, pickles or kadaif.

About the drink

Something we’ve learned in our stay in Istanbul is that all important things and confidential conversations are discussed in front of a bottle of Raki. We feel that’s a pretty smart tradition: after all, if it’s good news that’s the way to celebrate, and if it’s bad news to forget all along about it. Another takeaway of our experience as first time visitors is that every person holding any kind of business in the street will spend his/her day calling people in with the term buyrun (welcome).

Buyrun buyrun buyrun people! In this drink, raki takes a whole new role and marries with local ingredients to create a cocktail that you can enjoy as an aperitif or as a long drink.

Sherefe Istanbul!!