What a blast we had in Istanbul! We literally just left and we miss the city and the people we met so much! Everyone knows Istanbul is a beautiful beautiful city, and that the old byzantine flair is still in every corner, but that’s not the main reason we loved it so much. Actually, we didn’t do much of the touristy stuff (we might be the only first-timers ever not been inside Aya Sofia!), and after the first day in Sultanahmet – the old and touristy part – the city had left us a bit cold. So what did we actually do in a week? We met a lot of people and spent time with them, we made friends with every cat on our way, we got lost in fancy and not-so-fancy areas, we went to every single market in the city, we discovered you can pickle every fruit and veggie in the world, we ate every street food to be found in sight, we took random busses and got stuck in traffic, we found ourselves in a house party and, of course, we tried out quiet a few cocktail places. We lived for a week different aspects of a daily life that we missed a bit after spending the last month walking through Italy and getting ready for our big adventure. We felt home in a place where we don’t understand the language and knew nobody, and we created bonds that we will cherish forever.

Goodbye Istanbul, as we say this is “un arrivederci e non un addio”.