Beirut Lebanon

 33° 53′ 20 N, 35° 29′ 39 E


  • “The three brothers” gin
  • Parsley water

Glass: Vintage Flute
Garnish: Dry parsley

About the drink

You might think that we took the “less is more” motto too literally on this drink, as it is made with only two ingredients! But worry you not, Elton is not striking or running short on ideas 🙂

We just felt that the first (and only) lebanese gin deserved to be the main character of this drink, and to be complemented with a local ingredient that brings out its taste in an exquisite way.

This gin narrates the neverending love story between three brothers, mixology and their country.

The result is an incredible mix of lebanese juniper berries, 21 local botanicals and unusual ingredients such as pistachio, grapefruit peel and lavender.

Yalla habibis, experience the taste of Lebanon in one sip!