Beirut Lebanon

 33° 53′ 20 N, 35° 29′ 39 E


  • Arak
  • Orange Juice
  • Lemon Juice
  • Rosemary Syrup
  • Acquafaba

Glass: Williams – Sonoma coupe
Garnish: Rosemary branch

About the drink

Ready for a journey to the roots of Beirut? Think about the most famous mediterranean ingredients: orange, lemon and rosmary and combine them with Lebanon’s most appreciated spirit: arak. Arak is an anise-flavored grape distillate that people in Lebanon enjoy on the neverending sunday lunch or really any time they get together!

Of course we couldn’t leave unnoticed his majesty the king of lebanese culinary tradition: chickpeas! Next time you’re boiling up chickpeas for your hummus or falafels, save some water and recycle it for this drink. Aquafaba, or magic water, will create a smooth foam that blends perfectly with the other ingredients and will make this your favorite arak drink ever!

Long live the king, long live traditions!