The Old Garden

Beirut Lebanon

 33° 53′ 20 N, 35° 29′ 39 E


  • “The three brothers” gin
  • Jasmine cordial 
  • Pomelo juice
  • Lemon juice

Glass: Lowball
Garnish: Dry orange slice

About the drink

Ever been in a mediterranean garden in fall? It’s sooooooo amazing! You are totally eveloped by the smell of jasmine flowers and penetrating citrus scents, that you can enjoy while the autumn sun caresses your face and cocoons your whole body.

This drink is a tribute to the fantastic abundance nature provides before our eyes, season by season, and that often goes unnoticed.

The sweet and aromatic jasmine cordial marries perfectly with the bitter and sour taste of citrus fruits, making this the easiest-to-source homemade mixer in town!

Lebanese are the world’s gurus of fun and have elected this drink the perfect sunday chill-out cooler: they can drink a whole Old Garden fifth, some call it a problem but we call it a gift!