The I. I.

“Incredible India”

Mumbai India

 19° 04′ 22 N, 72° 52′ 57 E


  • Paul John whisky bold
  • Pineaple juice
  • Bengala lime juice
  • Jaggery rim
  • Green chilli

Glass: Coppetta
Garnish: Green chilli

About the drink

Everything possible in India, ma’am” [cit. with head wobbling]This is the Incredible India! The India of marvels, of spirituality, of smiles and of misery, where everything is intense, extreme and possible. We tried to homage this complexity in one single drink that has it all: the body of whisky, the sweetness of pineapple, the sourness of lime, the rawness of sugar cane and the spicyness of chilli.

Whisky is a all-time-favorite in India, and is widely consumed among the population: cheap bottles of local whisky accessorize taxis just like Lord Ganesh or other hindu deity statues and premium brands are proudly showcased in business men cocktail cabinets.

This cocktail seems too much at the first glance, and yet it works!

Just as our beloved India.