Pad thai and mango sticky rice are the first things popping in our minds when thinking of Bangkok! Eating and drinking is indeed pretty much all we did while there, playing on the card of being too warm and jammed to wander around the city all day (which is anyways not far from reality!). Also, after visiting a couple of touristy spots, we kinda felt that nothing else but food really deserved our attention, or our money.

With adjusted expectations and brand new awareness of our likings, we spent almost ten days in Bangkok and loved its lively food scene, with congested (and sometimes disgusting) markets, omnipresent street food and stalls and fancy restaurants. Also, while we struggled to find bars excited about our project and open to meet new awesome people (yes, it’s Elton and myself I’m talking about), we found the sweetest Airbnb host ever, stayed at the Thai White House and spent a fancy night out in good company at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

After all, not too shabby.