Chiang Mai

“How are you liking Thailand?” is the question you get from fellow travellers as the standard conversation starter.¬†Little did the poor fellas know that such a simple question would have us rambling on for ages about our dislike of the hot and humid weather, of the impassible (and sometimes impossible) behavior of Thai people, of the crowds of mainstream tourists that infest Bangkok and Southern Thailand and of the modern capitalism that destroyed the soul of this country. Surprisingly, turned out that whining while on a year vacation is not the best way to win friends, nor to make your trip any more enjoyable!

We got so tired of the sound of our own voices that we urged to change our approach and went for the “I think you should visit Chiang Mai and the North before giving up on Thailand” advice. And we’re so glad we did!

Not only we enjoyed the weather there, but we loved the laid-back mood and green setting istantly. We explored the small city for a couple of days, window-shopped in the multitude of boutiques selling tribal fashion and crafts and went for an overnight hike in the mountains with the most amazing host and group of people.

Remember that life is a mirror: she smiles at you if you look at her smile.