Once upon a time

Luang Prabang Laos

 19° 53′ 09 N, 102° 08′ 06 E


  • Lao lao sticky rice whiskey
  • Rosella infusion
  • Lime juice
  • Laobeer syrup
  • Draft Laobeer
  • Lemongrass

Glass: Vintage wine glass
Garnish: Rosella flower and lemongrass

About the drink

Once upon a time, farmers lived a hard life and worked in the fields from dawn to dusk, planting and picking every single crop manually at the mercy of snakes, leeches, mosquitos and other parassites. Today, this scenario seems so very far away from the modern invasive agricultural practices that eased human working conditions but fostered the mass-destruction of the soil and landscapes worldwide.

Laos is a place were people still live in the past and farmers working in rice fields wearing traditional hats is not just a great postcard shot, but the reality of 90% of the population. In Asia rice is much more than a cereal: it’s the main (and sometimes only) source of nutrition, and it comes with no surprise that local distillates are rice-based. Rice whiskey is something that villagers drink at home everyday, and is literally made in every single village.

This drink is a tribute to this ingredient that has a horrible reputation among sophisticated city dwellers, but yet can be easy-to-drink, refreshing and tasty if worked well.

Who says that traditions can’t be modern?