Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang, how we loved you!! We had been told that you were the “most beautiful city in Indochina” and you surely met our expectations. Temples, nature, culture, spirituality, food, mood: this city simply has it all. It comes with no surprise that many europeans – mostly french – and aussies decide to move here for a while or permanently. It surely cannot be compared to other asian cities in terms of size and services, but it still provides a comprehensive experience for tourists, with plenty of stuff to visit, local food markets and stalls, fine dining options and nice caf├Ęs. Life there is quiet and easy, and the beautiful and peaceful setting helps to reconnect with nature and yourself. We spent almot 3 weeeks in Luang Prabang, although the last 10 days were unexpected and following a litte foot accident during a hike in the mountains, still the pleasent surroundings and nice weather made up for the forced immobility.

Although in our view this is a true statement in general, Luang Prabang really is not a place where you should come with a “to-do-list”, but you rather should just allow yourself to live in the moment.

You might find out that you actually feel like doing nothing and instead of feeling guilty about it, eventually feel great!!